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Analysis of social surroundings of the investment

The analysis of social surroundings of the investment includes: 
  • Historical background of the area of the analysed community occurrence. 
  • Definition of the local specificity in terms of the investment operations. 
  • Determination of the current  state of the social environment. 
  • Definition of groups interested in the investment (project beneficiaries, stakeholders, interveners). 
  • Definition of conflict mapping.
  • Indication of the saturation level of local community conditions (mainly the composition of that community, the level of isolation, mythologisation of one's own space, identification). 
  • Definition of the status of social and human capital resources (trust levels, inner content, impact susceptibility). 
  • Indication of local elites and their communication with masses, reaction force. 
  • Indication of susceptibility potential to changes (particularly with regard to the investment). 
  • Establishment of the plan of social activities (timeline).
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