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Mentor Consulting sp. z o.o. 
(Limited Liability Company)

Management Board Members:
Mr. Andrzej FURYK, Mr. Jacek CHAMUŁA
NIP (Tax Identification Number): 956-20-54-218
Regon : 871558555
District Court in Toruń VII Economic Division, under
KRS (National Register of Court number) 0000068797
Share Capital of PLN 300,000.00


Company Headquarters
87-100 Toruń
ul. Szosa Chełmińska 177-181
tel.: +48 56 669 33 00
fax: +48 56 669 33 04


Board Office / Sales Department / Project Department / Finance and Accountancy Department
41-500 Chorzów
ul. Katowicka 47
tel.: +48 32 352 01 50
fax: +48 32 352 01 51


Mentor Consulting sp. z o.o.

Mentor Consulting sp. z o.o. is an expert consulting company with many years of experience. The subject of our interest is primarily monitoring of the environment and the changes occurring within caused by linear investments (construction of roads, power lines, pipelines etc.), the construction of industrial and commercial buildings, and prospecting of useful minerals etc.

Detailed observation and analysis of the existing building and road infrastructure, natural, soil and water environment together with the living conditions of the inhabitants allow, on one hand, to minimise the risk of negative impacts and, on the other hand, help with choosing the optimal techniques for works. It also helps with selecting and implementing of compensatory actions, and finally through a fair and impartial determination of value of the replacement cost of damaged property.

In order to ensure a proper and conducive investment atmosphere and acceptance our specialists and negotiators are engaged in comprehensive public consultations.

The essence of the company's actions in each area is the knowledge and experience gained during many years of participation in the implementation of the most spectacular investments not only in our country but also abroad.

We are able to propose and implement appropriate and satisfying solutions allowing the realization of objectives while maintaining the principles of ownership, in accordance with the environmental protection rules.

We look forward to doing business with you.

Andrzej FURYK
President of the Board
Mentor Consulting sp. z o.o.

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